Assets - Design - Feedback - Approval​

Please access your website build from your desktop or laptop computer using a chrome or firefox browser.

Be sure to use “Chrome” or “Firefox” browser from your desktop or laptop computer. Dashboard is only available in desktop mode.

Please use the comment drop to provide design input and uploads such as documents, logo and images that are specific to the exact area of comment. Please be sure to watch the video tutorial.

All color references should be provided by Hex Code #FFFFFF. You can color Hex Codes by going to the following website:

Build Process

Welcome to your production build site. The build process for your website is broken into development sections. 

  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Pages
  • Elements
  • Commerce
  • Integrations
  • Server Deployment

Each of these sections are represented in the orange buttons on the dashboard you are now viewing for your specific project. Development starts with desktop version of the website until it is completely approved and then moves to tablet and phone rendering and approval. 

The majority of our project communication will take place by utilizing the commenting and approval tools. Providing timely feedback, instruction along with needed digital asset uploads will ensure our project success.

The project tool is very intuitive and is best used from a desktop computer. Please be sure to watch the video tutorial on how to get started.